A child’s toddler years are among the most exciting years for parents, as you will see the greatest change and growth in your son or daughter. At this stage the most dramatic advances occur in language and interpersonal skills. However you’ll soon find out that progress is evident in all areas of development including motor, cognitive, and of course physical growth.

With each stage or skill your toddler masters, a new stage begins. We understand that growth is unique to each child and that each child has their own time-table. During the toddler stage, most children learn to walk, talk, solve problems, relate to others, and more.

Toddlers, bursting with energy and ideas, need to explore their environment and begin defining themselves as separate people. They want to be independent and yet they are still very dependent. For this reason, we follow a curriculum that gives your child structured independence. Our projects and activities are well orchestrated so that the children have a basic concept to follow but allow ample room to use their creativity and imagination.

At ABC Kiddie Kampus, we combine an enhanced learning environment and a creative curriculum that helps your toddler learn and grow with confidence. Enrolling your child at one of our accredited centers ensures your child will be ready for the next stage in their life.

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