Preschoolers are constantly on the move, exploring their world with enthusiasm, curiosity, and a seemingly endless source of energy. A child’s capacity for learning at this phase is vast and plentiful. You’ll quickly find that preschool children learn and develop from every encounter, relationship, and adventure they stumble upon.

Having the space and opportunity to explore various objects coupled with age appropriate play environments, helps preschoolers develop their imagination and master the cognitive, language, motor, and social skills that are necessary for future success. At ABC Kiddie Kampus, we strive to create an environment that lends itself to these types of practices. Our classrooms are big, bright and full of positive energy. Our classrooms are filled with age appropriate games and activities that constantly challenge the minds and ability of our preschoolers.

At ABC Kiddie Kampus, you’ll quickly find that learning is everywhere, from furniture and toys labeled with words and pictures to circle time filled with song and dance. You’ll find our teachers reading stories and following up with open-ended questions to encourage input. Through purposeful play, your child will learn all the necessary skills and understandings to succeed both academically and socially in kindergarten and at every stage thereafter.

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