Infancy is a special time for you and your child. It’s filled with a year’s worth of rapid growth and development. It’s not uncommon to see your baby double its birth weight within six months of delivery and triple that amount within the first year.

Along with physical development comes motor development. Gross motor involves such actions as controlling their head, sitting and/or standing on their own power, crawling, and in some cases walking! Developing their fine motor skills is equally important. As a parent you’ll shortly start to notice such actions as holding a spoon, picking up toys, and reaching for different objects. At ABC Kiddie Kampus our teachers create different activities and actions that develop these motor skills as quickly as possible.

Proper growth of your child’s vocal development is another important aspect in your child’s early stages. It won’t take long for you to start noticing your child making sounds, learning words, and even understanding what people say! You’ll soon find that there is nothing more rewarding than hearing those first words come out of your child’s mouth. To ensure proper development in this area, our teachers constantly speak to the children, sing to the children, and have the children interact in circle time.

Along with these developmental traits, your child will also learn how to interact in a social setting. The little things like learning how to share, keeping their hands to themselves, and realizing classroom structure are all accomplishments we hope to achieve.

By placing your infant at one of ABC Kiddie Kampus’s accredited centers, you’re ensuring that your infant will be in a calm and comforting atmosphere surrounded by a loving and caring staff.

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