ABC Kiddie Kampus has been entrusted by thousands of families throughout our 30 years as an early childcare provider of choice. Our families have trusted us to not only teach and develop their child but just as importantly, protect their health and safety while in our care. Now more than ever, this task could not be more important. To ensure safe environments for our youngest learners, we’ve implemented the following protocols:

Health Screenings and Face Coverings

Our Team Members will perform daily health screens and temperature checks on fellow team members and students upon arriving at the center. Only, Team members and our students are permitted into the building at this time. Non-essential visitations will happen during non-business hours. Additionally, our Team members will wear face coverings at all times.

Investment in Air & Surface Cleaners

We recognize the importance of protecting your most prized possession, that is why we made a major invest to bring air and surface cleaners in every classroom and common space. The air purifying systems not only eliminates air pollutants but also pathogens, such as COVID-19, from the air and surfaces! For more information visit: https://www.activepure.com/scientific-proof/

Intensified Cleaning and Disinfecting

Throughout the day our team members are sanitizing and disinfecting classroom materials, surfaces, and other high-volume touch points. Further, we’ve limited any items coming into the building from outside sources and home environments.