About Us

At ABC Kiddie Kampus we do our best to create an environment that entices a fun and stimulating atmosphere.

We realize that a child’s early years are crucial to lifelong learning. Our high-quality centers strive to lay the building blocks for your child’s future academic success.

Through a creative curriculum and a compassionate staff, children who come to one of our centers not only build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning but also meaningful friendships that begin in infancy.

We consider it our privilege to accompany children as they embark on a lifelong journey of growth and exploration. Our early learning programs start with children 6 weeks old and continue through 12 years of age. On a daily basis, our children experience a world rich with discovery guided by skilled and insightful teachers who celebrate each child’s individuality.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and caring environment where children can learn, through play, all essential social and academic skills needed to succeed during the next phase in their lives.

Our Vision

To continually develop high-quality childcare centers that promote child safety, creativity, positive outlooks and effective learning, with the goal of strengthening tomorrow’s generation.